Promotion of b2b-solutions

Lead generation projects and sales boost for fixed price.
We make a project on a turn-key basis and impart the methodology to your employees.
Fast solution of sales and lead generation tasks
For companies that are already promoting smart products or just planning to launch them.

Projects help to solve the following tasks of:
- owners and TOP-management
- sales departments
- and brave marketing managers
Let's say you find that your sales team does not always understand what value your product or service offers and therefore cannot stream it to your client.

... or do you want to test quickly the demand for a new product, to which extent it is in demand on the market?

... do you need to pick up sales and marketing channels?

...your sales and marketing departments' KPIs are not consistently met expectations and do you want to understand the reason?
What questions you will answer after projects?

- What is the value of our product for the client?
- Who is (will be) ready to buy it? (industry / company size / position / tasks)
- What market and distribution scheme is better to use?
- What do customers really think about our product?
- Which promotion channels will work better?
- What KPI to set for the sales department?
- How much will the lead cost?
- What are precise KPIs for the marketing department?
We have divided the work blocks into 2 directions - sales and marketing - so that you can choose the right one depending on your sales plan.

Choose your option:
You will get a detailed description of each service included in the package and the project plan.
Benefits of lead generation projects
On average, the project will last from 3 weeks to 2 months. We will be ready to start within 1-3 days after the diagnosis
All consultants know a Solution Selling methodology and will be able to give an unbiased answer to the question "How much can you actually sell?" through sales or digital channels.
As a rule, independent launch and testing of products is 70-100% more expensive than attracting consultants and does not guarantee results and accuracy.
CASE 1: Assistance in client qualification at our first meeting for the leader of HR services in Europe.
ISG Consulting provides recruitment and personnel consulting services in 28 countries of the world and is the leader of HR services in Eastern and Central Europe. The company asked for help in conducting the first meetings with customers. Previously, after the first meeting with clients, consultants took time to calculate the cost of the project which significantly prolonged the deal cycle and it took the client time to make a decision.

  • Shorten the deal cycle
  • Refer customer qualification methodology
  • Systematize the work of consultants during the client brie

      ✓ The consultants were able to guide customers on the price and range of services at the first meeting suggesting making a deal at once

      - Prepared an offer and service packages,
      - Identified the core segments of TA which the package services were suitable for
      - Prepared a benchmark CO and a template of CO
      - Created a customer qualification questionnaire
      - Made a presentation of the agency services thus made it possible immediately to tell the client about the needed services and not to flip through 50+ slides about the company

      CASE 2: romoting a Difficult B2b Solution on Predictive Analytics
      ✔ campaign budget - 20,722 rubles.
      ✔ campaign validity period: 1.5 months.
      ✔ 35 leads on predictive analytics
      ✔ 11.5% conversion per deal
      ✔ average deal receipt: 5.5 million rubles.

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